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Juan Pablo was born in Buenos Aires and has lived in London, Trieste, Madrid and currently resides in the US. 


A self-proclaimed "storyteller" Juan Pablo dances between music, film and directorial projects. On T.V and film, he is best known for playing the passionate Fernando on Netflix's Emmy nominated "Fuller House" which won "People's Choice", "Kids Choice" and "Teen Choice" as well as Jesus Christ on NBC´s "A.D. The Bible Continues" (2015), for which Juan Pablo won the GRACE Movieguide Award; for the role of self-made billionaire Nicolás Treviño on TNT's reboot of "Dallas" (2014) and his appearance in the movie "Mamma Mia" (2008). He has recently starred in Paramount's film "Dashing in December" nominated for a GLAAD award in 2021.

As a recording artist, Juan Pablo has been releasing music since 2010, with his first song "We Wanna Rock" making it a European number one hit and his debut album "Primer Acto" (2013). In 2018, he released “Broken”, "Just A Feeling" and "Sunrise, Sunset." This year, Juan Pablo is releasing his first EP, titled "Vascular" with singles "Fall On Me," "Te Sentí" and "Without You" coming out in the first quarter of the year.  He has worked with Diane Warren, Desmond Child, Nick Gale, Daddy Supreme, Joshua Olsen, Michael Franklin, Jeffrey James, Kole, and VALNTN. He has played sold-out shows in New York, Houston, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires and Madrid.

As a filmmaker, Juan Pablo has written and directed several short films including "La Belleza", "Venki", "Admission" and music videos "Two Bare Feet" (Katie Melua), "Breathing In" (Joshua Olsen), "Sunrise, Sunset" (Himself) and is developing three feature films "New Boy," "The Last Light" and "El Noruego."


Di Pace has made several appearances on British television, such as BBC One comedy "The Catherine Tate Show" and BBC One film "Aftersun", and in Spanish television, such as "Supercharly", "Angel o Demonio", "Los Hombres de Paco", "El Don de Alba"and "Física o Química". On film, he starred in "Survival Island" (2004), "Tutti Intorno a Linda" (2006), Fuera de foco (2011) and "After The Reality" (2016).


Prior to joining the big screen, he appeared in Bob Fosse's musical "Chicago" in London. He played the leading roles in "Grease" (Italy, 1999), "Saturday Night Fever" (Madrid, 2009-2010), "Más de 100 Mentiras" (Madrid, 2012) and "Primer Acto/Act One (Madrid, 2012-2013). In February of 2017, Juan Pablo premiered his solo show "An Evening with JP" in New York's Studio 54 Below. 






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